“Teenage Koopa Ninja Bros.” T-Shirt | TeeFury

The Koopas are at it again

UPDATE: This shirt is no longer available, but continue to enjoy the art!

Mocking as the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book cover, the Koopa Bros. once again are living out their wildest fantasies as the Teenage Koopa Ninja Bros.!

“For my wedding anniversary my wife got me the original turtles issue 1 second print. (What can I say, she is just awesome.)  So in my excitement I started to talk about how the cover is inspiring and that it tells you all you need to know about your heroes. And then I remembered four small little koopa brothers.  So like most artists I pulled two things from my childhood to create the design that you see today.” – Craig Tucker, Artist

Teenage Koopa Ninja Bros. is only available at!

Artist: Craig Tucker
Price: No longer available
Availability: No longer available

Thanks to @ryanruppe of @shirtron for the tip!

Craig Tucker (Official)


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